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Meg Hinkley

Meg Hinkley, owner of Athena’s Strategies, has been teaching women to separate fact from fiction as it relates to their safety for over 15 years. Thousands of women have changed how they think about safety and their ability to protect themselves. More importantly, many seminar participants have avoided attacks or successfully fought their way to safety. As a survivor of sexual assault, Meg is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering women. Prior to forming Athena’s Strategies, Meg worked as a client executive for IBM. She earned her black belt in karate in 1988 and worked for several years with experts in martial arts and psychology to design Athena’s Strategies unique and relevant seminars. Her program is currently required for all graduates of The Hockaday School in Dallas and is being taught at other schools and universities throughout the United States.
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Nick Paldino

Nick has been an Athena’s Strategies instructor since 2005. His martial arts background includes Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing and MMA. He is a personal trainer with certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, The National Council of Sports and Fitness, The Cooper Institute, and others. Nick is a true “Renaissance Man”. He earned his BFA from Southern Methodist University in Dance Performance and is an accomplished musician and singer. Nick has been active in the Dallas music scene for over ten years and has recently taken on learning the double bass. “If I can keep one person safe, help one woman get out of a bad situation, or help someone save their own life…then it’s my responsibility to myself to try.” Nick Paldino

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AJ Tucker

AJ has been with Athena’s Strategies since 2006. His martial arts background includes Jui Jitsu and MMA. AJ is the owner and founder of iChoosefit Boot Camps and cross training. He is certified with the International Sports Association and is a Crossfit Instructor. He is one of a few select instructors who provide fitness videos for Livestrong. AJ served four years in the US Army and was stationed in Iraq for 14 months. His experience in the military helped shape AJ’s desire to teach women’s self defense. “During my time in Iraq, I witnessed the abusive way women were treated. I wanted to do something to help the women in my life, I wanted to be a part of the solution.” AJ Tucker

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