Programs for your Business

Athena’s Strategies will provide an exiting and informative program for your business. Our seminars can be general in nature to apply to all employees or they can be tailored to address specific needs such as real estate agents or frequent business travelers. Either way, your employees will hear information that will forever change how they think of their personal safety. Program options include:


​Self Defense for the Real World (Two-Hour Overview Seminar)

Have you ever been concerned for your personal safety but feel uncertain how to respond in a dangerous situation? We are inundated with stories of women who have been the victims of violent crime yet we are offered few options. The more facts you have concerning violent predators and their tactics, the better you are able to respond effectively. Join Athena’s Strategies founder Meg Hinkley and her associates as she discusses your options for staying safe in an uncertain world. She will uncover the misconceptions that exist about women and safety and will radically change the way you think about self-protection. You will leave this seminar with new behaviors to help prevent crime and a simple self-defense plan if you are physically attacked.

This two-hour overview seminar may be taught to a group of 8 or 800. Past seminars have been taught in auditoriums, conference rooms and various on-site locations.


Self Defense for the Real World (12 Hour In Depth Training)

Athena’s Strategies offers an in depth course that provides your employees with effective strategies and hands on training. Please contact us for more details.

Athena’s Strategies Business Seminars are perfect for:

  • Industry Specific Groups (Medical, Real Estate, Legal)
  • Corporate and Professional Retreats
  • Professional Certifications and Education
  • Motivational Seminars

“Athena’s Strategies provides our legal professionals a seminar that is informative and motivating. We look forward to it every year!” Terri Owens


College and High School Seminars

During the high school and college years is when a woman is at her highest risk for being sexually assaulted. Women between the ages of 14 and 22 have a one in four chance of becoming a statistic. While many young women worry about attacks from strangers, most don’t realize that their greatest danger comes from someone they know. In addition, 90% of sexual assaults in this age group happen under the influence of alcohol and drugs. “Self defense” looks less like a strike and more like a well thought out plan before heading out to a party or date.


Learn to Fight Like A Girl (2 Hour Overview)

This seminar enlightens participants through a realistic view of sexual assault during the high school and college years. Through a greater understanding of date and alcohol facilitated rape, you will understand how to more effectively detect and avoid dangerous situations. The general nature of stranger assaults will also be discussed and you will learn the best verbal and physical responses to a wide variety of situations.


Learn to Fight Like a Girl (12 Hours, In Depth)

This seminar offers young women the opportunity to develop a set of verbal and physical skills in relation to self-defense. You will be taught the physical skills and strategies that can be used against a bigger and stronger opponent instead of trying to directly challenge a male’s physical strength.

All topics relevant to self-defense will be covered including:

  • Date and alcohol facilitated rape
  • Myths of about women and self defense
  • Prevention
  • Effective Strategies
  • Physical Skills Training
  • Dealing with armed attackers.


​The course culminates with your participation in simulated attacks. Specially trained males wearing protective gear will challenge you in the most common ways young women are approached. This allows you to use the skills and strategies taught during the course and to experience your ability to act in spite of fear. You will be empowered through this exciting seminar!


Protecting our Children

Are you the parent of a son or daughter in high school or college? Are you concerned for their safety as they journey to independence? One in four young women in the 14-22-age range will be the victim of a sexual assault. However, this is not a “women’s only” issue. One in ten males is the victim of sexual assault and they are less likely than women to tell anyone or seek assistance. In addition, many young men are confused about the issue of consent and may be putting their futures in jeopardy.


It is critical for parents to know the facts in regards to this issue so they can have meaningful discussions with their teens.

This two hour seminar for parents covers the following:

  • Facts about the prevalence of sexual assault during the high school and college years
  • What to do if your child is sexually assaulted
  • Role of alcohol and drugs in sexual assault
  • Understanding consent
  • Prevention behaviors for teens
  • The blurred lines between consent and sexual assault
  • Talking to our sons about consent and integrity
  • Promoting healthy relationships


Tailored Self Defense Seminars

Athena’s Strategies will tailor a seminar to meet the needs of your business or group. Examples of past seminars include:

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